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Smugglers cave, a favourite place for children of today to play & explore when on the beach. There is a lot more to Cullercoats beach, and I hope to bring a little of that to you here...... Eventually when I get round to it !
  Relax, lie back, enjoy the sun (if there is any), have a snack (watch out for the sand in your Sandwich), a drink (but not an alcoholic one, as that would be breaking the law now!)

Get wet, go for a paddle or even a swim if you are brave.
Cullercoats 16/11/2003
More To Do.
“An inlet runs into the point here, known as the Smugglers Cave, once the scene of old smuggling adventures, for in bygone days the greater part of the population of the little village got their means of livelihood by the running of contraband goods.”
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William S Garson
Ant 2006